I’m on aligner set #4 of 8 through my refinement plan and things are going swimmingly!

What I’ve done: Aside from the typical routine of changing out the aligners every 2 weeks, I had to replace my first attachment! (Probably only exciting for me) I didn’t even realize it had came out until I had noticed one day that the attachment on one of my teeth didn’t feel as big. Luckily, it’s a breeze to put back on. Our talented assistant, Alex, was able to do most of it. Just clean off the old attachment, and re-bond a new attachment back on. Then you’re good to go!

What I’m feeling: By now I’m pretty much used to the soreness that happens the first couple days of a new aligner. Other than that, I’ve noticed a change in my bite along with the shifting of my teeth. I know that there will probably be some adjustment of some teeth after treatment, but I’m hoping that there won’t be too much to do. Appearance-wise, there isn’t a huge difference, but I’ll post a picture in the near future anyway. (Camera is out of battery now! doh!)

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