It’s been a while since my last update! To date, I have finished my initial treatment plan with Invisalign and thought I’d show a few pictures of what my teeth look like currently. There are a few adjustments I’d like to make, so this will not be the final result. Things are looking very good so far though! The following pictures are from my initial photo’s from back in November 8th, 2011.

To rehash from before, the main concerns for me going into the treatment were to rotate my upper central incisors back into proper orientation (as you can see from the side photos, they are rotated inward and toward the middle), establish better overjet/overbite than my existing edge-to-edge bite (overjet/overbite is basically the overlap of the top incisors over the bottom incisors), and to close up as many of the gaps between my teeth as possible. I knew this would be a challenge because of my skeletal class III (my lower jaw grew slightly longer than it needs to be). I had straighter teeth before when I had braces as a kid, but I was bad when I didn’t wear my retainers as often as I should have! But my teeth are looking better now, thanks to better technology to straighten my teeth back again with Invisalign!

So the photos you see below, are the most up to date photos so far. They are taken after my treatment plan, as initially proposed with Invisalign, was completed. This is after 12 sets of aligners on the top and 8 aligners on the bottom!

Things have improved quite a bit with the upper incisors as you’re able to see, they are not nearly as rotated as they used to be. They face more forward, and from the side view, you can also see that I’ve managed to improve my overjet/overbite slightly, over the edge-to-edge bite that I used to have. There are also fewer and smaller black spaces between my teeth. So all in all, I’m pretty happy with the result so far. However, I feel that my central incisors can be rotated a little more, as well as be proclined a little more to establish a little more overjet/overbite. Hopefully with that, I can get minimize that tricky black space on my right side a little more! I will be starting a refinement, so I’ll be going through a few extra aligners over the next couple months. So the saga continues! Thanks for following me through this journey!

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