Hi everyone! I thought I’d give everyone an update after one week of treatment! So far things are progressing pretty smoothly and I haven’t had any issues at all with my aligners.

What I’ve done: Worn my aligners for at least 22hrs a day for the last week like I’m supposed to!

What I’m feeling: My teeth got used to the movement/soreness pretty quick. After the first day of some soreness, I haven’t had much at all since then. The aligners fit on and off pretty smoothly, but I do not have very many attachments. From what I’ve seen, the more attachments you have, the more difficult it may be to take on and off your aligners.

I’ve also been surprised that so far only one person was able to notice my aligners! And she only knew because she was one of the first people to hear me speak after inserting the aligners in (Kim from our front desk). Everyone else has been surprised that I even had anything in! They really are hardly noticeable!

The one issue that I have noticed is that these aligners must be kept clean on a regular basis. They accumulate plaque fairly quickly, so it’s important to brush your teeth AND your aligners as often as you can throughout the day. Mouth rinse may also help keep your breath nice and fresh.

Progress: Teeth are gradually moving! My bite has changed ever so slightly, but I knew that was happening already. We’ll keep track as time goes on!

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