Teeth are already developing in the weeks of pregnancy so that they’re ready to erupt within a few months of a baby being born. Babies will start teething at around 4-7 months old, so it is important to know how to take care of your child’s teeth as they start to show up. Here are a few tips for what to do at what time.

  • To clean your infant’s teeth, a soft moist cloth and a little rubbing are all you need to do during those first few months after teething to keep the primary teeth clean. As the baby gets a little older and more teeth come in behind the first few, start brushing with a small brush and water. This is sufficient for those 2 years old and younger.
  • Take your kids to see the dentist no later than their first birthday. Your dentist will be able to check for cavities and gum problems before they develop into serious problems.
  • Start flossing your child’s teeth as soon as you see 2 teeth touching each other. Flossers are really handy!
  • After 2 years of age, it is time to introduce fluoride toothpaste to your child. Start by using a small amount (no more than the size of a pea) and scrub your child’s teeth. Teach them to spit out as much as possible to minimize swallowing it. Continue this until they’re about 6 years old. They may start showing that they can brush by themselves, but make sure to brush with them and help them be thorough!

For more information about your child’s oral health, visit http://www.2min2x.org/

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