It’s May, and our beautiful Seattle summers are getting closer! Here’s a new update, with pictures!

What I’ve done: Everything has been progressing the same, I’m on my 8th set of aligners. This is the bottom set for my lower teeth, which means they won’t be moving anymore for now. The upper teeth still have another 4 sets of aligners to go. So far things are looking good and I can see great progress!

What I’m feeling: All subsequent aligners have been pretty much the same, and it’s all routine now when I get to the next set. I learned some great tips about making the first day of wearing a new aligner more comfortable and manageable! First, you should put on that new set of aligners in at night. This way, the aligners have all night to work on your teeth before the first time you’ll remove them, which will be the next morning when you eat/brush your teeth. It will make it much easier, especially if you have a tough time removing those aligners initially. Another thing that helps with seating the aligners is running them under hot water right before you try to seat them because even though the aligners are heat resistant, a little hot water may make them flex just enough to get them over your teeth. Good tips for any Invisalign patient!

Progress: As you can see from the pictures below, and from where I started, my front two upper incisors have straightened up a bit and look less rotated. There’s a very small gap between the adjacent incisor and the lower incisors that I may have to make a refinement on later. We’ll see how things progress over the next couple aligners.

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