Apologies for the delay on this update. The transition from the end of the year into the new year is always a busy time for us so I haven’t had a time for an update yet. Since then I’ve gone through all my aligners from the proposed refinement treatment plan. Here’s a picture from a week after my last post.

To review, this was about 4 aligners into the refinement treatment plan. I started to notice that the gap you see on the front close slightly. My lower teeth have been pulled inward more to try to establish some more overjet/overbite (which is basically the overlap of the top teeth with the bottom ones)
Since the last post, I’ve completed all my refinement aligners. I’ve had to do some more IPR in the lower right teeth in order to help pull the front lower teeth back more and ultimately close that gap on that side. I’ve noticed that my lower teeth have gradually been pulled inward (toward my tongue) more. Also I’ve noticed both upper and lower, lateral incisors and canines, come closer together in hopes of closing that gap.

I will post later about my completed case and how I’ve decided to manage the retention.

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