Paul: I’ve been getting my own dental care here for years. I’m a medical scientist by training, and I like my healthcare evidence-supported and done well. Both Dr. Raymond and Dr. Jason use what looks to me like good infection prevention practices, and while some of the procedures I’ve had have been easier than others, they both seem to be as careful, respectful, gentle, and precise as any dentist I’ve experienced. They do a good job of explaining the reasoning behind their recommendations. They don’t talk about it much, but they did some wonderful things to help local communities of refugees from Burma, who had complex dental needs and little or no money. I certainly recommend them.

Robert: “Dr. Raymond Chan and his son, Dr. Jason Chan, are truly amazing! They are the only dentists I will ever go to see. Their bedside manner is fantastic. They have a great sense of humor, very easy going, and are looking out for you. If you are looking for a new dentist or don’t like your current dentist, go see them!”

Ray: “Dr. Chan has been my dentist for over 20 years. He is highly professional & very thorough in his care for his patients. In addition, his entire staff is caring and professional; I think he has chosen them carefully because the entire atmosphere is calm & attentive. I recommend Dr. Chan highly for exceptional dental care.”

Nancy: “I have been a patient of Dr. Chan’s for over 20 years.  He is an excellent dentist.   He is conscientious and attentive to minimize pain.   He is also a perfectionist in making certain that his work is professionally done as well as attractive in appearance.  I highly recommend Dr. Chan and trust him completely with my dental care.”

Arnie: “It is so nice to really find a dentist that has the skill and concern for client. Your office is the top of the list! Thank you for all you have done.”

Wayne: “Dr. Chan was recommended by my dentist 10 years ago as a very caring dentist in Bellevue.   I’ve had a great deal of dental work done and yet to have problem, because he does the job right the first time.  Dr. Chan placed an implant in my front tooth and I haven’t stopped smiling since; it’s great!”

Hong: “Dr. Chan is not as aggressive as some dentists who tend to do major and expensive fixes on teeth. The assistant and reception are extremely friendly too!”

Steve: “I just wanted to once again extend my thanks to you for finding the time to take care of my unexpected tooth breakage morning. I feel fine, and much more confident in going forward with this repair. I understand that this probably set you back in your regularly scheduled appointments, an dI appreciate your willingness to take care of the problem.”

Antonio: “I came here in a semi-emergency, my tooth was broken and needed extracting. Dr. Jason Chan did an awesome job in removing my wisdom tooth. The procedure was quick and painless, he explained everything at the beginning and was giving me feedback on the progress. I didn’t need the laughing gas or anything like that but he offered anyways at the beginning. He gave me a set of instructions which I followed and in a couple of days my mouth was fully functional and no pain or discomfort anymore. He was very attentive throughout the process and also after. I came back after a week just to have everything checked, and everything was great!”

Conrad: “I like Dr.Chan’s conservative approach when restoring teeth, keeping as much tooth structure as possible. Ultimately, I can keep my own teeth due to his care.   He also insists on regular teeth cleaning for maintaining good, healthy gums.”

Nicolette: “Excellent and professional services. Very caring staff. Thank you Dr. Jason and Dr. Raymond for restoring my smile. I needed so much work done on my teeth and didn’t think I can smile again with confidence. Thanks for the beautiful/natural crowns and teeth-whitening and all the work!”

Don: “In this day and age it is all too easy to carp about poorly rendered services and over-priced consultations whie we forget those who render services over and above normal expectations. In this light I would like to recommend you. While it took about a week to get used to, the dentures you made for me were several cuts above those I had used for 15 years and considered “state-of-the-art”. Yours fit better, work better and are taken out only for cleaning instead of spending every night in a water filled glass! Should you have any ‘doubting Thomas” among your patients, you are most welcome to have them give me a call at any time. Incidentally that last extraction was a good idea! For the first time in about a year, I have forgotten how uncomfortable I was.”

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